Lily Conforti


About LCcreations

LCcreations is a dance group local to the twin cities started by Lily Conforti. The group has performed in the University of Minnesota's BLUEPRINT show, FUTURE INTERSTATES curated by HIJACK, ArtBox's annual show INBOX@ARTBOX, and the FRINGE FESTIVAL.

Lily Conforti is a dance artist from the twin cities, graduating in May 2021 from the University of Minnesota with degrees in dance and physiology. She is the director and choreographer for LCcreations.  Lily’s work strives to combine varying artistic mediums such as dance and visual art in order to cultivate an art experience that is new to the audience. Her movement is driven by a personal internal groove with a fascination for articulation of music and punky fun. As a dance and physiology major, the work that she has done thus far has led her to a creative process that is guided by an ecological lens. Body functions, scientific processes, and ecological relationships are common motifs scattered throughout her work.