Lily Conforti

Lily Conforti is a dance artist from the twin cities, graduating in May 2021 from the University of Minnesota with degrees in dance and physiology. Lily’s choreography has been performed in the University of Minnesota's BLUEPRINT and eARThing shows, FUTURE INTERSTATES curated by HIJACK, ArtBox's annual show INBOX@ARTBOX, and the FRINGE FESTIVAL. She has performed works choreographed by Carl Flink, Kjara Wurst, Andrea Miller, and other local dance artists.

Choreographer and Dancer in LCcreations

Artist Statement

As a double major in dance and physiology, the work that she has done thus far has led her to a creative process that is guided by an ecological lens. Body functions, scientific processes, and ecological relationships are common motifs scattered throughout her work. Lily’s most recent choreographed work was a show for the Minnesota fringe festival titled Botanical Dancing. Dancers took paint and markers to canvas drop cloths on the floor, dancing out patterns similar to how bees communicate in a hive, which served as the inspiration for this show. Dancers created lasting visuals and fleeting shapes on stage through the mediums of visual art and dance. Lily’s work strives to combine varying artistic mediums in order to cultivate an art experience that is new to the audience.


currently in collaboration with LCcreations 

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Maeve Seymour

Maeve is finishing her Bachelors degree this year at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She will be receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with a minor in Art History. Maeve’s work focuses primarily on developing connections between art history and dance through the use of an intersectional feminist lens in order to deepen her contribution in both fields. This is her third time working with LC Creations and she looks forward to the continued collaboration and growth in the years to come.



Eve Hanson

Eve is a performing artist currently in her third year of undergrad at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in History with the hopes to receive her M.Ed. in Secondary Education. Eve values the dynamic arts community in the Twin Cities and has absolutely loved dancing with the talented artists involved with Limbo!

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Maddy Woodman

Maddy will soon graduate with a BFA in dance from the University of Minnesota where she has performed the work of choreographers including Herb Johnson III, Carl Flink, and Chris Schlichting. She is also a youth dance teacher seeking to continually expand her teaching practice through study including research which culminated in her senior thesis on anti-racist dance pedagogy. (photo by Isabel Fajardo)



Tessa Russ

Tessa is in her third year at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in Business Management. She has valued being surrounded by many talented and inspiring people within the dance program and is looking forward to more opportunities outside of the academic setting. Tessa has been so thrilled to be back working with LCcreations in their upcoming work “Limbo”.



Isaiah Langowski

Isaiah is a first year student at the University of Minnesota pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Dance. Passionate about what he does, Isaiah began his journey in dance at the Saint Paul Conservatory in 2015 where he was awarded a scholarship to TU Dance Center, graduating in 2018 from both institutions.



Alexis Fabian

Alexis is in her junior year at the University of Minnesota. She is studying to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. She has worked with Minnesota choreographers, Jolene Konkel and director of CREO Arts & Dance Conservatory, Christa Johnson. She has freelanced taught and performed around the metro area including The Fringe Festival. She loves the thrill of dancing with others and being a part of the Minnesota dance community.